Catcher In The Rye

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Catcher In The Rye

The setting of this story takes place in Agerstown, Pennsylvania. The home of Pency
bording school. Pency is one of those college prep schools that advertises only the best
aspects and never mentions how much the students will hate going there. On the brochure
there is an unrealistic, imaginary student that does not exist playing polo. In real life
Pency, there are a couple hundred spoiled little rich students whose parents do not want
the burden of raising them.

The point of view in this story is expressed in first person. Throughout the story Holden
tells of other characters and of course his opinion of them. Always criticizing them and
their decisions and labeling most of them phonies.

In the beginning of the story Holden is watching the Friday night football game from atop
a hill. He had just gotten back from a fencing match that had to be cut short in New York
because the captain of the fencing team, which happened to be Holden left all of the
equipment on the subway. Needless to say it was a long trip home for Holden.

After all of this has happened Holden gets back only to learn that he has been released
from Pency and placed on academic probation. Holden was not stupid by any means but if he
did not desire to learn what was being taught he refused to try. The professors on the
other hand did not agree with Holden's reasoning. Therefore, he was failing all but one of
his classes.

Holden had a friend that was a teacher at Pency. He was perhaps the only person that
halfway understood him. The only problem was that Mr. Spencer was old and senile and did
not have much pull with in the school board, which meant he did not serve as much help in
Holden's current situation. Mr. Spencer was always trying to prepare Holden for life, and
was always telling him that "life is a game and you have to make the right moves". Holden
rarely listened but felt obligated to say good-bye to him because he had tried to
understand him, which is more than most people had ever done for him. Holden went to visit
Mr. Spencer before he left. As usual he did not get much out of his usual "life is a game"
lecture but he would have felt guilty if he had not gone by to say fair well.

Holden was a prime example of a spoiled little rich kid who had everything but acted as
though he had nothing. In reality having everything actually caused Holden to have
nothing. He had no real friends to rely on, only other spoiled rich kids who were never
deprived of anything. This time was different though. This was not the first time that
Holden was removed from a school. Holden always knew there was always another boarding
school that would be happy to accept him and his money. This time he was not going to just
sit back and wait for the next school to pick him up, he was going to enjoy himself while
he could. He was scheduled to leave on Wednesday. It was only Friday. The possibilities
were endless on what could happen in those five days.

While sitting in his dorm thinking about his next move in life his neighbor Akley came
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