Catcher in the rye

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catcher in the rye

What was Holden's problem? Use incidents and examples from the
book to support your conclusion.

In the book "The Catcher in the Rye", by J.D. Salinger. The
main character of the book and narrator was Holden Caulfield, who
moves from prep school to prep school. He is sixteen years old and a
junior at Pencey Prep. Holden is intelligent and sensitive. Holden's
problem in this book was that he felt lonely and scared of the adult
world. He was also confused about life and the people in it.
Holden feels tormented by the memory of his younger brother
Allie's death. His life was also complicated by his sexuality. This was
shown all throughout the book, especially when he was with Sunny,
the prostitute, in the hotel room. He had the opportunity to do sexual
things with her but he did not because he felt uncomfortable. Usually
Holden does not do anything to girls on dates if they say no, but it was
different with the prostitute it was her job and he still decided not to do
anything with her because he did not feel sexy enough.
He wants to see his sister, Phoebe, and his old girlfriend Jane
Gallagher, but instead he spends time with Sally Hayes. Although,
Holden says he really likes Jane but he never calls her. He is
confused about his feelings. Holden got really lonely roaming around
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