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Cause and effect essay

The Beatles started as a small boy, rock and roll band in high school. Brian Epstein
discovered them in 1964. They stayed as a strong group until 1968, after that they started
going down hill and the group finally broke up in 1970. This band stood out because their
music was different from everyone else. It was clean and fun; the group had a lot of
enthusiasm that influenced many teens. I interviewed Deborah Santos, who was affected by
the break up of the Beatles.

By 1965, the Beatles got so big they didn’t know how to handle their fame. They started
using all sorts of drugs as a way to calm themselves down. Several people warned them
about doing these drugs, but they thought all those reasons weren’t good enough to quit.
Until they met a man named Maharishi. He led people into meditating and wanted the Beatles
to join in. The band used meditating as a way to stay clean. In August 1967, Brian
Epstein, the Beatles manager, died of a drug overdose. The Beatles used meditating to get
through this bad time. Shortly after that the Beatles realized that Maharishi was just
another human being and not someone with higher power. All of this meditating that they
had done gave them a lot of bad publicity. By the end of 1967, the Beatles was still
without a manager. This caused a lot of arguments. Paul McCartney wanted to use his new
father in law, Lee Eastman, but the others wanted to use Allen Klein, a though American

Then in 1968, the band created a label called “Apple”. They wanted to use this label as a
way to make it easier for new musicians and filmmakers to get into the business. John
Lennon started becoming more and more influenced by his new wife, Yoko Ono. She wanted him
to take more control over the label and Paul McCartney started feeling left out. This is
what is believed that finally pushed Paul to make the announcement that he was leaving the
band in 1970. Even though Paul was the first to make the announcement that he was leaving
the group, he was actually the last one that wanted to.

The group had such a big affect on the world. Almost every teenage girl had at least one
poster of the Beatles in their room. The group did a lot of charity, which influenced many
people to do the same. John Lennon got involve with the civil rights demonstrators and led
a lot of young people to do the same. When the band broke up many teens locked themselves
in their room listening to the records over and over again, hoping that when they left
their room the group would be back together. But that never happened. No one ever thought
that another group would come around like the Beatles, with such enthusiasm and great
music. They were right.

On December 2, I interviewed a woman named Deborah Santos, who was a big fan of the
Beatles. She said, “ I liked the Beatles because they were a new kind of music that my
parents didn’t get mad about me listening to and when we went to parties no one fought
about the music because everyone wanted to hear the Beatles.
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