CD Review

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CD Review

Jay-Z Blueprint

Here you have it, all you Jay-Z fans; a much anticipated review of the hot new CD!!

1)The Ruler's Back 3:49
This song is Jay-Z singing about...Jay-Z. In this song he sounds very conceded. He is 'the
Ruler', and when he says "I'm back n***a", there are trumpets playing in the background,
jsut like you'd imagine them being played for royalty. He talks about how rich he is, and
how he doesn't care if he goes to court, he says"What's a couple dollars to me?" and the
only thing he cares about is that you respect him. I dunno, it's kinda tough respecting
someone with that big an ego. But it's kinda cool, in the beginning the beat goes with his
laugh, it reminds me of how we're supposed to get the virbrato on flute, the whole
"hahaha" thing.

2)Takeover 5:13
I like the beat to this song. it's the type you'd go cruising with, turn the bass waaayyyy
up. so that you can't even hear the words. Int his song he advertises his record label
Roc-A-Fella, and how powerful he is, and how he and his rappers are "runnin' this rap
sh*t". He talk about how many more records he's sold than DMX, and disses him. At one
point he uses a DMX clip where they're shouting "NOOOO!" And every time, it never fails, I
jump out of my seat, it sounds as if someone is sitting right next to you screaming bloody

3)Izzo (H.O.V.A.) 4:00
This is one of my favorite songs on the cd, in fact, this song is the reason I bought the
cd. This song has a peppy beat, and talks about how he, inspite of everything that has
happened to him, he comes out on top. Honestly, i have no idea what "H to the izzo, V to
the izzy" is supposed to mean. The chorus has a girl singing that line, and Jay-Z saying
"Forshizzo my nizzo, used to dribble down in VA", then the girls sing "H to the izzo, V to
the izzy" again, and then Jay-Z says "That's the anthem, get your da*n hands up". It's the
type of song you can't help but bop your head to. It's also the perfect length, by the end
of it, you aren't tired of the song unlike some of the other songs on this cd.

4) Girls, Girls, Girls 4:35
I don't like how this song starts off, but then he changes it after the intro. the chorus
is annoying, the rapper who does it has no talent. the song itself has more of a storyline
to it than the other ones. The entire song is about all the girls he has, the benefits and
down sides to dating them. At some parts, it has some string instruments playing, which is
a nice contrast to the rapping. This song is to be the next single from the cd. It has
some humorous parts to it, for example: "I've got this young chick, she's so immature,
she's like 'why you don't buy me Rebox no more?' She like to show out in public, throw
tantrums on the floor. Gotta throw her a couple dollars just to shut up her holla." And
this other part, 'I've got this African chick with Eddie Murphy on her skull, she like
"Jigga man, why you treat me like animal?" I'm like, "'Scuse me Miss Fufu, but when I met
your @ss, you was dead broke and naked, now you wantin' half!"' I guess you have to hear
the song to find it funny. By the time this song is finished, you've figured out that
Jay-Z likes girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls...

5)Jigga That N***a 3:24
This song has a nice heavy beat, but honestly, I don't like this song very much. Whenever
i come across it, I press 'skip'. It's very repetitive. And it's just another song about
how great he is. have you ever notice how rappers seem to have atleast five songs on their
cd about themselves? My guess is, it's because they're so insecure about themselves, they
think if they can convince the world they're great, they'll feel great about themselves.
And a big part of the reason they feel so lousy about themselves is because of
disfunctional families, and an ab-normal childhood. Time to press 'skip'

6)You Don't Know 3:19
This song has some cool extras. It has a helium sounding voice that sings in it once in a
while, saying " You don't know...what you're doing", keeping her attention, and lightening
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