Cell phone use on airlines is a no Essay

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Cell phone use on airlines is a no

Everyone is warned from the flight attendant not to use electronic devices during takeoff
and landing, and not to use cell phones anytime on a plane. Even there is no hard proof
that cell phones and other electronic devices pose safety risks on an aircraft, airlines
suggest these electronic should be viewed as potentially hazardous and the source of an
unacceptable risk to aircraft operations.

The cell phones should be banned on their use as a precautionary measure? The experts
explained it's not at all clear that anything will happen if we use the cell phones during
takeoff and landing. As The argument goes that each of these cell phones do not emit
low-level radio waves, but the cell phones pump out radiation with enough oomph to find
and lock into a cellular tower miles away. It might not be noticed if one individual uses
a cell phone, but the worry is that too many people will use them at once and the combined
radio wave interference could affect the guidance control or navigation. No one knows how
many cell phones it would take to cause such a scenario, and no one wants to find out the
hard way.

Second, using cell phones on the planes is against the law, and not because it might screw
up the navigation of the plane. Instead, it might screw up the cellular network on the
ground. When you drive, the cell phone is logged in to one cell at a time, and hands off
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