Change Argumentative Essay

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is something that is constantly occurring in our lives. Not a single moment goes by when
everything in our lives will remain consistent. Indeed, it has become apparent to us that
the only thing which in fact survives change, is change itself.

Time and experience allows change to eventually reform and alter everything from the way
it originally was. From ourselves physically, to those around us emotionally, to the way
in which we perceive the entirety of the world everything it eventually changes.

Most of the time we are not even explicitly aware of such changes occurring, but
none-the-less they are indeed occurring.

Change is a natural process that cannot be easily stopped or controlled. When we think of
the things we valued at the age of, five, ten and even fifteen, the constant abundance of
change in our lives become apparent.

However, it is due to the unpredictability that change promotes in our life, that has made
many perceive the ideology of change to be something which should be viewed as a negative
in our lives today.

However, we should passionately revolt against this notion.

It is change which has bought about some of the greatest events in history. Had their not
have been change in our past, there would never have been an industrial revolution and we
would not be able to live in the liberalist country in which we do today, where we can
voice our opinions without being under threat of persecution. This embracement of change
which we should constantly strive for, is no better exercised, that it is through the poem
The Door, by Miroslav Holub. This short poem, which was present in the stimulus booklet,
effectively presents a dramatic monologue which encapsulates the concept of change on a
physical, social and emotional level.

Through the poem the door, the poet, is trying to convey to the responder, that life is
too short for us to simply try and keep things constant at all times. We have to make
change our ally and use it to enrich our lives, and allow it to transform us into
stronger, superior beings. The poet is integrating the use of dual metaphor, The Door, to
convey to us that getting what we want out of life, is as simple as opening a door, and
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