Character Analysis Of Anse Bun Essay

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Character Analysis Of Anse Bun

Character Analysis of Anse Bundren

Anse Bundren is an ugly old man. He is probably in his fifties or sixties. He is very
ugly. He has terrible posture and a hump in his back. He looks like he never shaves in a
scraggly way and his face is very wrinkled. It isn't tan because he never spends much time
in the hot sun. He has no teeth which is probably his most distinguishing characteristic.
He used to be a tall man but even when he was young, he was beginning to show the signs of
a hump. Addie comments on this in her chapter. She asked him if he had any womenfolks to
make him stand up straight.

There is not much background about Anse's childhood or what it was like for him growing up
but one can assume that his father and he share some similar traits. By the time he asked
Addie to marry him, he was living on his own small farm alone.

Anse has a shy side to him. He drove past Addie's school teaching job several times before
he got up the courage to talk to her. Apparently he went all out once he did get the
courage and asked her to marry him the first time they ever spoke. He shied around this
and did it subtly. When Addie asks him if he has any womenfolks, he says 'That's what I
came to see you about.';

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