Character Transformations In Dh Lawrences the Bli

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Character Transformations In Dh Lawrences "the Blind Man" And "the Ho

In DH Lawrence's stories "The Blind Man" and "The Horse Dealer's Daughter," the reader
watches as characters move from having something missing in their lives, to being truly

Lawrence uses images of darkness to illustrate the emotions of his characters. In "The
Blind Man," Isabel goes to look for Maurice and when she steps into the stable where he
is, "The darkness seemed to be in a strange swirl of violent life" (Lawrence, 132). The
darkness that swirled around Isabel is the darkness in which Maurice lives. The "Horse
Dealer's Daughter," is also consumed in darkness, as seen in the description of the
dwindling town. The description reads like a disaster report on the five o'clock news:
"across a shallow dip in the country, the small town was clustered like a smoldering ash,
a tower, a spire, a heap of low, raw, extinct houses" (Lawrence, 147). To live in a town
such as this, a person would become part of the "smoldering ash," as Mabel had. When Mabel
was with her brothers she "sat on like one condemned," (Lawrence, 144) as they discussed
her fate. She stayed quiet, working in the house because the family could no longer afford
the hired help they once had. They could, in fact, no longer afford the horses that once
brought them money. As the family breaks apart, with each sibling going his separate way,
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