Characteristics of Criminal Homicides Essay

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Characteristics of Criminal Homicides

Michael Woodworth and Stephen Porter. (August 2002). In Cold Blood: Characteristics of
Criminal Homicides as a Function of Psychopathy. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol. 111,
No. 3, 436-445.

This study examined the correlation between psychopathy and the characteristics of
criminal homicides committed by offenders.

"It was hypothesized that the homicides committed by psychopathic offenders would be more
likely to be primarily instrumental (I.e., associated with premeditation, motivated by an
external goal, and not preceded by a potent affective reaction) or "cold-blooded" in
nature (Pg. 436)." However, homicides committed by nonpsychopaths often would be "crimes
of passion" associated with a high level of impulsivity/reactivity and emotionality.

A sample of 125 Canadian offenders were selected for the study. The entire sample was
examined in two different ways. First, dual coding was used on a random selection of 21
offenders. These people were asked questions and scored a number of points depending on
their responses. All file information on these offenders were made available to the blind
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