Paper on Chaucer

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Although we can see some changes in types of characters, people today are relatively the
same as they were during the Middle Ages. Some Chaucerian characters, such as the Parson,
the Summoner, or even the Doctor, can relate characteristically to modern-day characters.

When compared with the Chaucerian Doctor, the stereotypical, modern-day witch doctor
relates similarly. With few exceptions, such as types of clothing, the Doctor and witch
doctor are different The brightly colored, expensively made clothes

(ll. 449-450) would be substituted for dark, black, flowing robes. The Doctor's eyes full
of strength and intellect. The witch, full of power and demon possession. Despite their
differences, their likeness of their actions are greatly similar. They both make magic
charms and effigies(l. 428) with their demon possessed hands. They create potions and
supposed "magical" elixirs, manifested from cited chants passed down from other
generations. They are perfect practicing physicians(l. 432), given that they know the
cause of every malady and infliction the body can withstand(ll. 429,430). They appear to
many as one to provide an extended hand to anyone in need. But there is a price to be paid
for their services, and their eyes cannot oversee the wealth that is due to them. The
Doctor then is the same as a witch doctor now, with their appearances different, but their
intentions and thoughts the same.

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