Essay on Chauncer Modeling

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Chauncer Modeling

Pilgrim - The Obsession with A Band

By Nithin Coca

He listens to the bands songs in light
Songs that he would hear live this night
The teen sat and watched clos'ly the clock
As it was his god of which he was in lock
This band he had loved for a many year
Of which the sweet music flew threw his ears
He left the real world which made him so sad
Just to worship a band with words so mad
He no longer had care of school of friends
And did not give a damn 'bout other men
He sat in his room almost every day
Singing the lyrics that his band would play
Lyrics about how avidity and greed
Had made the world a place without any creed
The Teen held that the members of his band
Where the greatest people in the whole land
Men who were with no greed but with much truth
Who tried to save the world from its evil tooth
Who went across the country to preach their words
And tried to make it so that all had heard
The teen would not hear a bad rumor
That his band was full of faithless membors
He felt it deep inside of his cold heart
That the music was true and soci'ty dark

The day crept slowly in the teen's keen mind
For that eve'ning he would stand in a line
He left toward the football stadium lot
Where the band would be playing thier heart
He went as one a'lone without any friends
Because he gave up on them for these men
So off he went in his parents red car
Even though he had not told them of how far
He had plan'ned to go a'way this night
The teen was the first one at the great place
So early that the bands van was in displace
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