Cherokee Indians Essay

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Cherokee Indians

The Cherokee Tribe
The Cherokees are a North American tribe. This Indian tribe has a lot to do with our
history. It is the biggest Indian tribe that we have today.

The Cherokee tribes had a wide range where they lived across the United States, from Texas
to the Great Lakes. The tribes started in Asia, and over time they ended up in the Great
Smoky Mountains.

In Georgia, the government tried to run all the Cherokee off of their land. But when they
appealed it, it failed. The government even tried to buy the land, but the Cherokee
wouldn't sell it. The government tried everything to get them to sell, and finally in
Oklahoma a Cherokee tribe wanted to sell. It was in 1835 when around five hundred
Cherokee agreed to sell their land for $5,700,000. Today the land that the Indians sold
is called Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, the Cherokee culture was just about killed off. In
Oklahoma, the Cherokee live on the reservation and off the reservation. The Cherokee
occupations range from fishing to modern business management.

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