Children of the City Essay

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Children of the City

Water Imagery in "Children of the City"

Rain has always been an important symbol in life. It is one of very few actions that can
be both destructive and harsh, but at the same time constructive and life-giving.
Throughout literature the visual image of rain is usually connected to feelings of sorrow,
death, and despair. The most commonly known example of this would be in Hemingway's
"Farewell to Arms". Hemingway uses the rain to tell of peoples negative emotions, so it is
easy to take that idea into other readings. Outside of literature, however, rain is seen
as being connected to positive thoughts of growth, prosperity and cleansing. In this story
of adolescent love the author uses the presence of water to saturate the subjects with
these positive feelings.

At the beginning the author introduces the rain as "urban" in contrast to "field or shore"
rain. Immediately the image of urban rain is less threatening than that of a field or
shore. It gives the reader a playful image of almost being teased by the rain. In the city
one has to hide from it and jump from umbrellas to awnings, yet never has to worry about
the danger of being caught in it for too long. These playful and teasing characteristics
of the rain are the exact guidelines to the relationship between the two main characters.
The rain represents the couple's emotion and they experiment with it just like in a real
adolescent relationship. They see how long they can be drenched by its passion,
nevertheless they return to the overhangs not knowing how much of it they can handle.
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