China Essay

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China is a Communist Republic government. This means that the government regulates, sets
rules, and runs most business in China. However, the increase in a worldwide economy
around the middle of the 20th century caused China to evaluate their government and decide
that something must be done to stimulate the Chinese economy and bring entrepreneurs to
China otherwise they will be left behind in the forever-growing global economy. In fact,
China has changing a lot from the past 30 years, and we can really tell the change.

China is a great capitalism country now. That means, the government is controlling
everything. However, with the change of the Chinese government, they become more flexible
than before. This way can helping at the economy grow, and improve peopleˇ¦s lives. We
can see from the videos that there are more and more building, shops, and bars build in
the cities of China. If you go to visit about 30 years ago, you may not see these views.
ˇ§China is improving step by step,ˇ¨ one man said from the video. However, as the report
shows, there are too many building now in China, and there are not many people who want
and can afford to buy the buildings. That may loose the original purpose of this idea.

Deng Xiaoping, the leader of China disbands communes who had already died, allowing
farmers to freely sell their products and introduces profit incentives for factories. It
is called ˇ§Socialism with Chinese characteristicsˇ¨ - a wonder of rhetoric. From there,
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