Chinese Immigrants Essay

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Chinese Immigrants

Chinese Immigrants lived in really poor conditions. Small rooms were packed full of 20 to
30 immigrants. Rats and mice were everywhere, and catching diseases were often and deadly.
Since there were no good vaccinations, many died from diseases caught from their workers.
Sometimes the dirt would be inches high. Living in these conditions would be very harsh,
yet still more and more immigrants from China came to mine and work on the railroad.

The Chinese played a very important, yet dangerous job building the railroads. They would
be lowered in small buckets down cliff faces to stick explosives in the side of the cliff,
then be brought back up. Many people died from either galling off ledges or being blown
up, and it was sick and sad to watch your friend being blown up. The Chinese were willing
to do this because it was basically the only thing that they could do. Discrimination
against them was high, so they wanted to do something that they would not be made fun of
doing. They were willing to work for low pay, since even as low as their salary would be,
it would still be more than they got paid in China, because of overcrowding and the Civil

I think that Chinese railroad workers were definitely exploited by the owners. With very
low wages, and poor working conditions, I don't see why the Chinese put up with that. The
owners didn't really care for them like they did for white people. Also, the owners
convinced the Chinese that work would be safe, saying that nobody would get hurt. This
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