Chivalry Term Paper

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Micro theme Topic: Courtly songs off differing views of Chivalry, especially of Chivalric
love. Contrast as specifically as possible, the views on chivalry in one of these pairs:
#'s 2 & 4, #'s 6 & 7.

Courtly songs, both 2 and 4, contain specific views on chivalric love though their views
differ greatly. From reading both songs it is obvious that song # 2 centers chivalric love
around the adored (female) and song # 4 centers chivalric love on the lover (male).

From song 2 it is clear that to the author, Bernart, love is paralleled to many things.
Love equals: self-honor, fear-rejection, and secretiveness. In the song, the view of
chivalric honor is based on how the lover is affected by the loved and how this shapes

Within the first stanza love is shown equaling joy and self-honor. "I have joy in it
(love), and joy in the flower, and joy in myself, and in my lady most of all" (lines: 5 &
6). The ballad is showing the happiness that love brings and how that it has a strong
effect on the smitten.

In the third stanza the quote, "…I can hardly keep myself from running to her; and I
would do it, if I weren't so afraid" (lines: 22 & 23), refers to love causing
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