Christianity and Judaism Essay

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Christianity and Judaism

Christianity is founded on the life and teachings of Jesus, a first century C.E. Jew.
Christianity became an independent religion as it spread beyond its Palestinian borders.
However, since during its first few decades, it was a sect within Judaism, there must be a
relationship of Judaism to Christianity. In the "independent religion", two elements of
its doctrine are essentially Jewish. First, Jesus is the messiah, or anointed king, who is
spoken of in Jewish prophetic writings. Second, the message of Jesus is the kingdom of
God. Keeping with Jewish apocalyptic notions of the messiah, early Christians expected
that the kingdom would be established by cataclysmic events.

The primary body of scriptures in the Christian tradition is the Bible, containing an Old
and New Testament. The Old Testament is the Jewish Tanakh, which means that Christianity
is carrying forward the teachings of Judaism. The dominant message that emerges from the
sayings of Jesus, in the Gospels, is the kingdom of God. The concepts of both a future and
present kingdom of God can be found in Jewish apocalyptic literature.

Christianity may seem to depart from Judaism as, in Christianity it is accepted that Jesus
is God in human form, and that by his work, teachings, death, and resurrection, Jesus
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