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Christianity is one of the most widely practiced religions in the world today. It is based
around the belief of one supreme ruler, God. The main guide that Christians base their
life around is a book called the bible which is a collection of books collected over
1000ís of years. World wide it has around 2 Billion believers *. Its largest groups are
the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox churches, and the Protestant churches; in
addition to these churches there are several independent churches of Eastern Christianity
as well as numerous sects throughout the world.

The main and most important belief in Christianity is the belief in God, Jesus and the
Holy Spirit. Christians also believe that when you die the soul, depending on whether you
have committed yourself to God or not goes to Heaven or Hell. Christians also believe in
the Bible and try to run their life as the bible tells them too. This specifically means
following the Ten Commandments.

The common practices in Christianity are based around the laws of the Ten Commandments.
Most Christians also go to church on Sunday or attend a youth group of some sort.
Christians are also usually heavily involved in charities, and many of the well known
charities around, such as the Salvation Army are Christian organizations. Christians also
believe in preaching the word of God to their friends, family and neighbors. They also
believe in the importance of prayer and pray regularly. For Christians, holidays such as
Easter and Christmas have special meaning; they celebrate the birth, death and
resurrection of Jesus. It is on these days that nearly all Christians attend church or a
mass of some sort. Depending on what denominations they have there are extra functions
during the week, which Christians take part in, such as confession for Catholics and door
knocking and the Mormons and Jehovahís Witnesses go door-knocking to preach the word of

The main reason why I think people are attracted to Christianity is it is because it gives
the people something to believe in something to strive for. Also I think a lot of people
are introduced to this religion though schools or a youth group and they found something
that appeals to them in it. Also it may be because Christianity doesn't discriminate
against anyone, which is unlike many religions such as Islam. People may also become
Christian because they have been brought up in a Christian family. Christianity also
appeals to many people who are homeless or less fortunate than others because of the
promise of a better life after death.

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