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Had it not been for the American industrialization, we would not enjoy the technology we
have in the year 2002. The reason we have this technology is that between those years a
great change in the world's history was made. People started to discover faster methods of
producing goods, which increased their economy. However, this industrialization had no
effects on society. Society then was still very poor in some areas, but later on in the
future the United States becomes the richest and most powerful country in the world.

What do these industries depend on? Yes they depend on good transportation systems to
bring raw materials to factories and to distribute finished goods. Thus they started
building canals between mines and factories, then a road surface, and finally the rail
road industry was developed. George Stephenson developed the Rocket; the first steam
powered locomotive. Also the American Engineer Robert Fulton developed a way to use steam
power for ships. The postal system was also introduced by the British but this time
inexpensively. And last we should remember the telegraph that sent messages by electrical
impulses not only in Europe but also between America and Britain.

So after all the years we wonder why Britain lead the industrial revolution, well the
reason is that they enjoyed many advantages that helped them take the lead in the
revolution. As I have wrote the agricultural revolution increased food production, which
freed many laborers to work in industry. Also to add to that Britain had iron and coal
resources, they also had developed an excellent transportation system to speed the flow of
goods. Britain was also the leading trading nation in Europe, which gave their merchants
lots of capital. So as a result they used their capital to invest in textiles, mines
railroads and shipbuilding. Britain also had a large colonial empire, which supplied it
with raw materials for their factories. In addition people in the colonies bought finished
goods produced by British industry. Also the government encouraged industrial growth, it
lifted restrictions on trade, it encouraged road- and canal- building, and it maintained a
strong navy to protect British merchant ships all over the world. Also the social and
intellectual climate in Britain encouraged industrialization although a strong class
structure existed in Britain, the British also excepted the Idea, that poor people did not
have to stay poor. Instead they could better themselves.

Oh! You might think. This is great. Yes many inventions, expansions, advances in science
and technology, revolution in transportation, and new methods of production. Yes. Great!
But all this had another cost that society has to pay for. How? Let me explain: First you
shall encounter the problems of growing cities over night. These cities that used to have
quiet market places, have developed into industrial cities with thousands of workers
moving quickly into poorly build houses with no sanitation systems or water systems or
even ventilation systems. All this contributed to the spread of various diseases, with no
laws to ensure safety or taxes to improve living conditions. As a result to this people
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