Paper on Cinco de mayo

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cinco de mayo

"Mexicamos, Viva Mexico" is cried out by the Mexican president every 16th of September as
done by Miguel Hidalgo in 1821, after the traditional bell ringing is finished the
national anthem is sang. Similar to the 4th of July celebration with parties, fireworks,
ceremonies, except they also get bullfights also.

In search for independence a priest decided to take matters into his own hands and lead a
revolution against the Spanish government, but he was executed immediately. His execution
inspired another priest to continue the rebellion and brought together the Criollos, but
more auguring was to continue until the country found a way of government both sides were
satisfied with.

Once the Criollos found out that the French forces that had occupied Spain, had imprisoned
their leader King Ferdinand VII, they decided that they wanted to take control of the
government. Leading the revolution was a catholic priest named Miguel Hidalgo. They wanted
to establish Mexico as an independent country. Noone wanted confrontation with Spanish
military though. Word spread fast and soon enough the Spanish was informed of a rebellion
against them. That left Hidalgo with little time he had to act fast and start the
rebellion early. In Dolores, Hidalgo gave his famous speech known as the Grito de Dolores,
to Indians and mestizos that were called upon to rebel against the Spanish. The whole idea
of the rebellion was so the Mexicans could govern their own land and that was enough drive
for a war so the battle began.
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