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Enclosed you will find some analysis about a company that I recommend investing in.
Citigroup is a very profitable company that has displayed steady financial growth since
1998 to become the largest bank in the world.

Economic Analysis:

I think the economy is growing and a definite indicator of this emerging condition is the
Federal Reserves actions of increasing the prime rate one hundred basis points over the
past 5 months from 4% to 5%. The Dow Jones has increased by 3.999%, the NASDAQ by 6.18%,
and the S&P 500 by 3.805%, which is a strong indicator of an increasing economy that has
taken place since the November presidential elections.

Industry Analysis:

Citigroup is grouped in the Finance and Investment industry, in the Commercial Banking
sector. Citigroup had the highest margin of profits in US corporate history by making $49
million in profits every single day in 2003. Citigroup is the world's largest bank and was
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