Paper on Citizen Kane

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Citizen Kane

"The more you see the more you know and the more you know the more you will see," that is
what our textbook author, Lester, said. It combines great with the movie that we saw in
the class, "Citizen Kane." I truly agree with that statement, as we see something more
than one time, and we learn more about it, we understand and see more of interesting
things that never appeared to us at first.

I actually, have heard about "Citizen Kane," however I never had a chance to see it.
Mainly because I am not a big fun of black and white movies, but when I get to see them I
find them very fascinating. They all have hidden tricks in them, that at first we probably
won't see, but when we look into the history of the movie we are excited to watch it over
again and look for them.

Now, that I have read the two articles, I am more ecstatic to see the movie again and look
for the hidden tricks. When it comes to "Rosebud," I understood it as the symbol of Kane's
successful career, and that he had everything that he wanted, but he never looked happy,
because he lost his childhood for all of that.

As I read the first article, the viewers' companion to the Citizen Kane, I was surprised
what "rosebud" meant, I would've never thought of that. Plus it doesn't even go with the
plot of the movie.

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