Argumentative Essay on Civil war

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civil war

The first major land battle was fought at Bull Run in Virginia in 1861. The men who were
soldiers in these armies were volunteers who chose to go to war. They wanted to win a
quick victory but instead found that there was a lot of marching and drill, living
outdoors, disease, bad weather, and boredom. Where did all the soldiers who fought at
Gettysburg come from? Why did they choose to go to war? How were the armies different? How
were they so much alike? Just who were "Billy Yank" and "Johnny Reb"?Welcome! You're
probably here because you are curious about our nation's past and the Civil War. At
Gettysburg National Military Park, it is the ranger-historian's job to study this
controversial time in our nation's history and provide an explanation, or interpretation,
of these events to park visitors. Sound interesting? Well, it is! Explore these pages and
see if you have what it takes to be a junior historian!

What started the Civil War?
The Civil War did not begin at Gettysburg. It began in 1861 when Southern states declared
themselves independent by secession and formed the Confederacy. The United States was
split in half and a terrible Civil War was the result.

What Caused the Civil War?

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