Claude and the Classical Dream Essay

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Claude and the Classical Dream

In Kathleen Nicholson's book, Turner's Classical Landscapes, is an interpretation of
Turner's concepts and ability of landscape painting in contrast to Claude. In particular,
chapter six, Nicholson discusses Turner's artistic career and how it models Claudean
classical landscape. Nicholson conveys her opinion on how Turner re-created Claude's a
realm to maintain a balance between homage and revision, between landscape as a tradition
and landscape as a modern form of expression. Kathleen Nicholson, in this chapter, takes
the reader through many aspects of Turner's re-creation of Claude's classical landscape
into his own modern form.

Turner understood Claude's qualities as an artist. He clearly knew the extent to which
Claude's art came from, with extensive study of nature, part by part, and a realization
that informed his own process of idealization. Nicholson states, " Allow he showed proper
respect to Poussin, his heart went out to Claude (222)" because Turner saw Claude's work
as the realm of the classical landscape. Many other artists, such as Constable, looked at
Claude's works for inspiration in aspects ranging from the design of rivers to the finish.
Other artists continuously copied Claude's landscape paintings as a basis for
representation of their own landscape.
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