Cliques Essay

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The purpose of my speech is to persuade that schools do not do enough to prevent harassment of other students.

I. In the movies you always see the big jock shoving the little dorky kid into a
locker or pushing his head into a toilet. This doesn't just happen in the movies, it can
be a reality.

A. From recent statistics shown, 1 out of 4 kids have been or are being bullied, yet 1
out of 5 kids have said they have been a bully to someone.

1. It's hard to believe but 100,000 students carry a gun to school. I think that's so
disappointing for today's youth that they have to carry a gun to feel safe.

2. It's not always students getting bullied; teachers are also assaulted, robbed, and etc.
B. People who are bullies know right away who to pick on.
1. They are usually kids with not many friends also known as loners.
2. Many people who are handicapped, mentally or physically are chosen to be harassed.
C. Teenage girls belonging to cliques can be very cruel if your appearance isn't as
stylish or trendy as they see fit. The girls will use insults, gossiping, rejection, or
even spreading rumors.

1. The self-esteem of the victims declines decreasingly low, making them think they are inferior.
II. Ronald Stephens, from the National School Safety Center says, "A lot of
administrators don't want a paper trail, it's a fear of litigation and a reluctance to
look bad."

A. Some schools just ignore the fact that bullying is going on in the school.
B. Many parents have taken legal action because of the administrators who have done
nothing about their harassment issues.

III. In Export Pennsylvania, Christina, a 7th grader was riding the bus home from
school when two girls tried to light her hair on fire.

A. The school officials were contacted by Christina's mother who reported the attack,
yet the girls continued to harass Christina and her classmate Jessica.

1. They would shove and hit the girls in the halls, while the school still refused to do anything about the situation.
2. The advice Christina and Jessica got from their Vice Principal was to keep a low
profile until the bullies moved on to someone new.

3. I think the Vice Principal has underestimated the magnititude of the situation.
B. It didn't stop there though. The two girls had to be sent home because the school
said they couldn't guarantee their safety.

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