Clubbing Essay

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The date was July 1, 2000. It was a usual summer night but what made this a memorable
night it was my 19th birthday. I was finally able to go into the clubs at Canada. You
see I was the last one to turn 19. Therefore, I could not enjoy the clubbing scene until
now. I was nervous yet excited about this night I have been for a long time.

The drive seemed like it was hours away but in reality it was only 45 minutes. When we
got to the bridge I was really nervous and scared. They asked us our citizenship I barely
mumbled out U.S. Than they wanted to see our identification, so we all handed them our
driverís license. They let us pass and handed back our driverís license and we headed to
the club. We went and parked our car and stood in line to get in Windsor Music Cafe. We
really didnít stand in line that long the bouncers also wanted to see our identification
card and so I showed to them. He seen my birthday and realized it was today and wished me
a happy birthday and told me to have a good time.

When I entered in the club the music was blaring, people dancing, the air was full of
cigarette smoke. There were people playing pool, there was people just standing at the
bar getting themselves drinks. Than there were those people who were out on the dance
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