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Health Occupations
Health Career Research Paper: Certified Medical Assistant

There are many exciting careers in the medical field. One of them is the position of a medical assistant. There are many things that one is able to do as a medical assistant. Their main duty is to assist, as the title implies, their coworkers, usually doctors and nurses. Their duties can range from medical paperwork to some forms of clinical tasks such as taking vital signs.
The job responsibilities of a medical assistant vary depending on where the assistant is employed. Medical assistants may find employment in hospitals and doctors’ offices, and their duties depend on where they are employed. If the medical assistant works at a hospital, chances are that their jobs will be more patient based. They would have to do things such as take vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate), take height and weight measurements, draw blood, do lab tests, give injections, and possibly help doctors with minor surgical procedures. In a clinic or doctors offices, the medical assistant could still do some of those duties in addition to greeting patients, answering phones, keeping medical records, ordering and maintaining supplies within the office, and filling out insurance forms. Medical assistants in hospitals may also be called upon to perform duties such as these. Also, medical assistants may specialize in certain areas such as chiropractor assistant, optometric assistant, and podiatric assistant. . Many of the duties of CMA’s coincide with those of nurses and medical secretaries.
Just as with the responsibilities of a CMA, their co-workers also vary upon location. CMA’s generally work alongside nurses and doctors. However, depending upon location, a CMA could work with a medical secretary, a nurse’s assistant, or public health agent.
There are many characteristics of a qualified CMA. They must have good “people skills”: Ability with words, good listening and explaining abilities, good telephone skills, good grammar, and an ability to follow specific directions well. In addition, a CMA must have good motor coordination, ability to use hands and fingers well, ability to check written materials accurately, ability to move from one task to another quickly, word processing skills, and an ability to handle several jobs at a time. A medical assistant must also have knowledge of basic anatomy, basic medical skills, first aid, physiology, medical terms and insurance, psychology, and related regulations.
Some of the advantages of being a medical assistant would be that you get to work constantly with other people. You would be able to make life easier for your co-workers, learn about the medical world first hand, and if you are an aspiring medical student, a job as a certified medical assistant would give you great experience on your w

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