Coca-Cola Term Paper

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"In India, pressures on the water supply created by a Coca-Cola plant have caused wells to
dry up. Is it just a politically motivated thirst that has led local people to protest?"
was written by Mark Thomas for the February 2, 2004 edition of the New Statesmen.

Coca-Cola opened a new manufacturing plant in Plachimada, Kerala, a drought striken area,
and pretty much ruined the crops and the scarce clean water supply.

Foreign Uncontrollable:
Definition: Elements of a foreign environment over which a marketer does not have control,
such as: political/legal forces, economic forces, competitive forces, level of technology,
structure of distribution, geography and infrastructure, and cultural forces. Application:
Coca-Cola has no control over the climate in Plachimada, but they could decide not to go
into business there.

Market Research:
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