Code of conducts Essay

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code of conducts


The Guardian ad Litem shall:

1. maintain high standards of conduct in carrying out his or her duties and obligations;
2. diligently represent and be guided solely by the best interests of the child;
3. report honestly and impartially to the court on what is in the best interests of the child;
4. respect the privacy of the child and family;
5. hold confidential all information obtained in the course of service as a guardian ad
litem, as required by law and these Standards;

6. decline appointment, withdraw, or request assistance when the volunteer recognizes that
he or she may not have the time or ability to effectively advocate for a child;

7. affirmatively advise the Program if he or she is charged with or convicted of a
criminal offense, or becomes involved in any other court proceeding, as this may cause a
conflict of interest or adversely affect the guardian ad litem's ability to effectively
advocate for a child;

8. report any new incident of child abuse or neglect to his or her supervisor and the abuse hotline;
9. comply with local circuit Program policies;
10. notify the Program director if the guardian ad litem or any member of the guardian ad
litem's immediate family becomes involved in a case with allegations of child abuse or

11. discuss all recommendations concerning the case with Program staff prior to submitting recommendations to the court;
12. obtain review/approval from Program staff before submitting any document to the court or other parties;
13. monitor the child regularly pursuant to any policies established by the local Program;
14. return identification cards and all case files and related materials to the Program
office upon discharge from the case or dismissal from the Program;

15. discuss case progress and guardian ad litem activity at least every sixty (60) days
with Program staff and regularly submit case activity sheets; and

16. complete six hours of inservice training annually.

Guardian ad Litem staff and volunteers shall not:

1. take action which:
a. endangers the child, a party, a witness or other person;
b. is outside the powers or role of the guardian ad litem; or
c. Violates state or local law, court rule, Program policy or court or Program procedure;
2. contravene staff or court direction;
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