College Admition

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College Admition

My education in New York has allowed me to find so many new aspects of my self, my cultures (my two cultures of East and West), and my languages. My time here has also allowed me to see how each of these aspects relates to the others. Because of the rewards I have already gained, I hope to continue my education here. I am particularly drawn to Vassar College for a number of reasons. I want to stay in New York, near my guardian and younger brother. I also feel that Vassarís size is ideal. Your student-faculty ratio of 12 to 1 is a very important advantage for me, and I think I would benefit immensely from such focused academic study.

Finally, an undergraduate place at Vassar would allow me to experience a true liberal arts education in arts and sciences, because I think the undergraduate years should be spent on a broad amount of subject matter. I am currently enrolled in AP physics and AP computer science courses, and I hope to continue to pursue study in the natural sciences and in computer sc

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