College Drinking Paper

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College Drinking

College campuses today bring up many controversial issues in society. For instance, on
Lincoln College campus zero tolerance has been an endless dispute among students and
faculty. Members of administration on other campuses are trying to either slow down the
consumption of alcohol on campus or stop it all together. Whether the regulating or
extinction of alcohol is or is not fair is yet unknown. Reasons that contributed to zero
tolerance, actions among universities in the U.S, rules on Lincoln College campus and
student opinion, and faculty perception on the zero tolerance rule will be used in order
to come up with a valid conclusion to this controversial issue. Should college campuses
have a zero tolerance rule?

In recent studies by U.S News and World Report, college campuses are turning off the tap.
In other words banning alcohol entirely. One of the reasons for the banning of alcohol on
campus is due to the outstanding reports of alcohol related incidents that have taken the
lives of students. September of 97', Scott Krueger, and eighteen-year-old freshman at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, died from alcohol poisoning while at a Phi Gamma
Delta initiation event.(Reisberg, 1) The lack of action taken by MIT caused the students'
parents to sue them for their irresponsibility.(Reisberg, 2) Another accident that
occurred due to alcohol was to a twenty-year-old Louisiana State University student named
Benjamin Wynne. Wynne had apparently died of an alcohol overdose after drinking heavily at
a near by bar. It turned out that more than 10 fraternity pledges were at the bar, passed
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