College Paper Essay

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College Paper

When I read my University application form and I stopped in the point where you talked
about an essay I had to write and all the possible ways I could choose .It really was
difficult to choose just one thing to talk about. There are so many issues I would like to
mention, but I would like to share with you, my concern of the image of our country and
real state. Anyway I am sure that in both cases I couldn't left either without mentioning
them. As you can see in TV shows and the news head lines in our country , and many times
in yours too, Colombia is passing through the most critical moment we had since..........
Our economic, social and political bases have been affected with the corruption and
coldness of the soul in these people involved in those processes.

Our political leaders have been judged for their integrity, and honesty, our people are
falling in an unbelievable economic depression, and moral values which used to be so
important and respected are now team of debate.

However we are still a large percentage of real Colombians. , and I happened to say real,
because Colombia and Colombians is just not that small amount of corruptors. We are
beautiful people, we like to give love and support to our surroundings. We are hard
workers and very intelligent people who have been covered with this cloud of disgraces.
Why don't we talk about Patarroyo, why not talk about Garcia Marquez or the many Colombian
business man who don't only work in huge respectful companies exporting our products, but
also many work in American companies with very outstanding positions? I cant understand
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