Paper on Colonization

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During the early years of colonization and exploration in North America and Africa, many
New World "collided" and brought to each other many new things, both good and bad. There
were exchanges of ideas, products and crops that greatly advanced the cultures of all
involved, but on the other hand, new diseases, and harsh treatment of one another were
also present.

Before the arrival of the Europeans to present day United States, the Native Americans
treated their homeland with respect and with spiritual properties. Occasionally they
burned sections of land in the wilderness for better hunting area, but other than that
they provided no threat to its well being. This all changed when the European settlers
arrived. The Europeans believed that humans had domination over the land. By building huge
colonies, extensive road systems and for other technological advances, the colonizers
greatly changed the face of our nation.

Another impact on both the Native Americans and the Europeans was the sharing of native
crops to each other. The Europeans brought back from the New World, tobacco, maize, beans,
tomatoes, and potatoes, which provided food for the now greatly populated Europe. Other
crops that were brought to Europe included blueberry, cranberry, papaya, wild rice, and
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