Columbus Term Paper

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COLUMBUS Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy on August 25th 1451, and he
died in Valladolid Spain on May 20th 1506. His life is filled with mystery and
controversy. Even though there has been contevercy about his birth date and this
birthplace, the historians have narrowed it down to this date and place. His childhood is
another mystery. It is said that Columbus was the oldest of five children to poor "wool
weavers". His son has stated that Columbus had attended the University of Pavia, Columbus
was a good observer and very well read.

In 1476 Columbus traveled to Lisbon, Portugal were there he an established Genoese
population, including Bartolome, he was a noted to be a mapmaker. After a couple of years
Columbus sailed with the Portuguese through the Mediterranen and the Atlantic as far south
as La Mina (Present day Elmaina , Ghana) and as far north as England. Columbus also made a
voyage to Iceland in 1477.

In 1479 Columbus married the Portuguese noblewomen Dona Felipa e Perestrello e Moriz and
established land in Porto Santo were his son Diego was born in 1480. When his wife died
somewhere between 1481 to 1485, Columbus returned to Lisbon. As early as 1484 Columbus got
a plan to sail west from the Canary Islands to the Indies (now East Indies) and the island
kingdom of Cipangu (modern day Japan). When King John II declined Columbus's "Enterprises
to the Indies" he decided to go to the Spanish monarch. Columbus traveled to Cordoba, in
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