Commanding Heights Essay

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Commanding Heights

The role that the government played in chapter two, "The Curse of Bigness," of Commanding
Heights in relation to the rest of the world was to create regulations. The New Deal was
what was created to establish the rules and regulations in the United States, in regards
to the stock market. It also created jobs by using government programs such as TVA. The
TVA program was initiated in order to create jobs, which they were hoping would help boost
up the stock market. Luckily as they had planed it did in fact create more job
availability which did in turn boost the stock market thus helping the entire economy, as
it was trying to crawl out of the depression. By the late nineteenth century the United
States was on its way to becoming an industrial nation. This is due to the creation of the
interstate commerce commission (ICC). The ICC was the first major attempt by the
government to control the economy. The economy at this time was based on the railroads
across the country and the ICC was created to regulate the railroads. The ICC regulated
rates as well as required just treatment of shippers and communities. The ICC became the
model for future regulatory commissions. The government found regulation necessary only
after the local newspapers bashed the country because of its industrial setting. The term
"muckrakers" was use by President Theodore Roosevelt in order to insult the media that was
bashing America's image.

The majority of the government regulation was focused on one issue. The issue the
government was worried the most about was bigness and monopolies. The monopolies appeared
to have only one intention and that one intention was to extinguish the atomistic world of
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