Communication Argumentative Essay

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In my life I have experienced both possitive and negative encounters, these encounters
have made me learn a great deal of thing in life, such as intercultural communication,
respect, adaption in different societies...

In this essay i am going to talk about a negative encounter that I experienced a few years
ago. This occurred in England when I was studying abroad in an English boarding school
during my I.G.C.S.E

Once I arrived at the school I imediately noticed there was a very large number of
nationalities, in the beginning I thought that this had no importance since I have always
lived in Marbella, which is a known tourist resort and therefore there are many
foreigners, and in consecuence I thought it would be very easy for me to open up to
different nationalities.The experience proved me wrong .

As time passed I could realize that the school was divided up into groups. Each group
represented a nationality, a culture or a religion. For example there was a group a
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