Community responsibilities Essay

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community responsibilities

Do you believe that our community should have leaders, or do you believe that everybody
should be truly equal in our environment? The United States is living in an environment
where there is a small group of leaders that make decisions for everyone else. When you
hear somebody say they are going to make decisions for you, you might be thinking you
would have to tale that decision no matter what. Well, that's wrong, there is still an
opportunity on weather you have to take the decision or not. There are votes, when you
vote you either agree of disagree with any decisions. If there were more people that
disagree than there were people that agree, then you were left with what you wanted. You
still had the opportunity to choose what you wanted. Being with a group of leaders to make
decisions for a society doesn't necessarily mean that you would have to take the decision.
No matter what you still have the chance to decide. A group of people needs to be over
others to help guide and make decisions because with no leader everything would be out of
control, everybody's decisions would not be heard, and a group with no leader would never
be efficient.

A group of people needs a leader because without a leader everybody would be out of
control and nobody would be able to deal with them. Without a leader not everything would
be controlled. Anybody in a society with no leader would not know what he or she is doing.
They won't know what doing because there is not one decision maker that has good reasons
for those decisions. Groups of people would gather around making chaos about everything.
Some people make chaos and act wild because they don't have a leader to till them what is
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