Argumentative Essay on Compare and Contrast

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Compare and Contrast

Marques Harden
Compare & Contrast
Soc 1

In comparison of the movies One million B.C. and Indians of California these movies gave
the same social direction although they have very different styles in the way it was
shown. In One million B.C. there were two groups that separated the difference between a
civilized people and a group who was more towards the survival of the fittest where if you
could not keep up with the rest. In the other movie Indians of California, the people in
the habitat seem much more calm. Although the there were a few similarities in the movies
such as the civilized people in the movie showed the same hunting and gathering skills
that the others did in the Indians of California.

The movie one million B.C. was more of an entertainment value than a education with the
same values as Indians of California. Both movies took the basics of life around human
social groups. The movie one million B.C. has to groups that live on different sides of
the planet on the side where Darwinism is more involved. The people have an animalistic
style of living the leaders of tribe where the one who were the most physically dominate.
In the other tribe the leaders were the one who had the most wisdom. In the movie Indians
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