Comparing US and French Cultures Essay

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Comparing US and French Cultures

Looking back at my experiences in France, I realize just how different our two cultures
are. Furthermore, I found it very interesting how, after reading the text, both my
parents, one being from France and the other from the United States, reflect the cultural
values of their country to a tee. For example, my father has always been the authoritarian
parent and my mother the authoritative. French fathers were described in the text as being
an "in-control" type parent and using "direct-punishment". He was the strict parent, and
my mother, who practiced the typical parenting style used in the United States
(authoritative), used a more balanced approach. I would have to say that having both
styles of parenting during my childhood had positive as well as negative aspects to it. As
described in the text, I did indeed experience more anxiety and withdrawal perhaps due to
my fathers authoritarian parenting. However, the positive aspects were that I did well in
school and had the utmost respect for my father. I was taught to respect and even if it
was out of fear, it worked.

As far as socialization agents and their influences are concerned, I have had plenty of
experiences in France where the institutions proved to be very different than those in the
United States. The schools were extremely strict. For example, when my sister and I were
in the school cafeteria all the students were told to put their hands behind their heads
and be silent. When my sister made a noise she was sent outside in the pouring rain (with
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