Comparison of Genesis I and Exodus 20 Essay

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Comparison of Genesis I and Exodus 20

The purpose of the creation story is not central to the Bible but serves as a prologue to
the historical drama, which are the central concerns of the Bible. The narrative focus in
the Bible is on the story that begins with Noah and is centered on the exodus from Egypt.
The central event in the Bible is the creation of the covenant and the giving of laws and
commandments. Although the creation of the world in Genesis I and the pronouncement of the
Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 are two completely different accounts in the Bible, there
lies a similar theme between them: God creates an orderly and hierarchical universe, both
natural and moral.

In Genesis I, God creates an orderly natural universe. He separates and categorizes
everything he creates. For instance, he separates the seventh day from all the others.
This suggests that everything in the universe has its proper place and will follow its
regular path. In addition, the cosmos is purposeful and unified. What is created each day
depends upon what was previously created. Those things created on the fourth through sixth
days are dependant on those things created on the first through third days. For instance,
air, water, birds, and fish are dependant on light, sun, moon, and stars, and land,
vegetation, animals, and mankind are dependant among air, water, birds, and fish as well
as light, sun, moon and stars. This suggests God created things in the world to fit
together in an orderly and hierarchical fashion. Things are created to serve the needs or
requirements of other things. Thus, the universe is a place in which everything can, in
general, expect to get what it needs or requires. In conclusion, we human beings can rely
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