Computer history

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computer history

Every aspect of our life in this day and age involves technology. At the forefront of the
trend is an advanced machine called the computer. Everywhere you turn, you see some facet
of its work. Computers link together almost all government and economic fractions of our
world with silicon chips and electrical signals. The list of tasks it can perform is
amazing. With intricate parts and super fast circuitry, computers are a complex
technological wonder. Its history is interesting but its evolution is amazing. From garage
size monster machines to 5 pound 3 inch-thick laptops, the computer shapes today's world.

When you say the world "computer," most people think of the desktop machine you can play
games on and print out your favorite pictures. Early computers however were far different
from today's machines. They were first designed only for simple mathematical problems.
Most five-dollar calculators at Wal-Mart could outperform any of the first computers. The
first truly digital computer weighed 60,000 pounds. It contained 27,000 vacuum tubes,
4,000 of which had to be replaced every month. Computers since then have gotten smaller
and more efficient, resulting in today's machines. The evolution of computers has come a
long way.

Think of how important the Internet is. Everyday when you're taking roll, you're using the
Internet to send your information to the main office. The government uses the Internet to
keep in contact with its officials in Middle Eastern countries. Everyday thousands of
business transactions are made on the Internet. E-mail has become a major form of
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