Computer Service Technician Essay

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Computer Service Technician

A Computer System Analystís job would simply be help devise efficient patterns of
information flow from their source to the computer. They also make the computer turn raw
data to useful information. They prepare flow charts, diagrams, and record layouts. When
interoperating to customers or managers they need to us non-technical language. To me the
main part of this job would be managing the companyís data.

The tools and equipment used in this job may include flow charts and diagrams, reports and
reference books, digital voltmeters, plotters and recorders, and terminals. Tools related
to computer use would include Modems, computer networks, computers and monitors, computer
printouts, computer scanners and optical disk readers. I would really enjoy the computer
related tools.

The following education classes will be very helpful for being successful for this job.
They include, Composition, Algebra, Computer Science, Statistics, English, Calculus,
Geometry and Trigonometry. Most likely you would want your Masters Degree for this job. So
you could end up in college for over six years.

Earnings of this job can be very nice. If you are a client or server you can make about
$60,497. Mainframe can make about $56,890. Senior Systems Analyst Make up to $53,176. The
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