Conformity:The Greek Society Essay

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Conformity:The Greek Society

The Greek Society
Conformity, on a daily basis we conform to the social norms set forth before us by our
friends, family and past experiences. Group cohesiveness (the desire to which one has to
be in and is attracted to the group) greatly increases conformity. Enter Greek life.

We have all seen them, parading down the halls, across campus, and in the Student Union.
Strutting around with their number one symbols of pride across their backs or chests, on a
sleeve, a pin or hat, GREEKS. Going Greek is a social decision as one enters college. You
either are or are not a Greek, which creates a rather noticeable IngroupOutgroup
situation, and millions of stereotypes between both Greeks and Independents.

To some Independents, Greeks are seen as followers, conformists, who joined simply to ?buy
their friends? and some Greeks see Independents as ?GDIs (God Damned Independents, for
lack of better definition), people who are losers because they won?t join, for whatever
reason. It has been said that ?From the outside looking in you will never understand it,
and from the inside looking out you can not explain it.?

Greeks more predominately create the sense of IngroupOutgroup. It is very simple to see
who is part of the group and who is not. It is pretty obvious from the blaring letters,
ringing chants, songs, and stories that you are part of the group. From the Greek point of
view there are 3 types of groups, Fraternity Men& Sorority Women, Pledges, and everyone
else. You are either in or out it is that, plain and simple. You have either chose to
conform to the ideals of your perspective organization or you have chosen not to be a

There are sub divisions of the In-group, as far as the different organizations; you are a
Sig-Kap, TKE, Skull, AST, etc. This is turn creates In-groups amongst the In-group. Each
individual organization sees themselves as ?good? and in turn everyone else is ?bad.?
Which is a predominate theme in IngroupOutgroup Theory.

Greeks call this ?pride?, conforming to these beliefs is part of the whole Greek concept.
Through the pledging process you are taught the ways of the organization, how members are
expected to act, and many other fun and interesting tidbits of information. During your
pledge period you learn the ideals that are the base of the organization and until you
learn to conform to these ideas you are not considered a full member. The conformity
within the organization creates a similarity, a bond between the members.

It is funny, but sometimes as a Greek myself, I can hear myself, stereotyping people on
the way they act, dress, look, etc., as to what Organization?s ideals I could see them
most easily conforming to. Then as the ?good Greek? that I am I introduce these
people to prospective Organizations where I think they would fit in, not really giving
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