Essay on Confucianism

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As a ruler I would be most inclined to follow Confucianism because it is not so much a
religion in a traditional sense, but a set of rules for human interaction. It is a system
of social ethics concerned with the formal, external aspects of life. Conf

ianism is humanism, a philosophy or attitude that is concerned with human beings, their
achievements and interests, rather than with the abstract beings and problems of theology.
In Confucianism man is the center of the universe: man cannot live alone,

ut with other human beings. For human beings, the ultimate goal is individual happiness.
The necessary condition to achieve happiness is through peace. To obtain peace, Confucius
discovered human relations consisting of the five relationships which a

based on love and duties. War has to be abolished: and the Great Unity of the world should be developed.
Confucius did not intend to found a new religion, but to interpret and revive the unnamed
religion of the Zhou dynasty, under which many people thought the ancient system of
religious rule was bankrupt; why couldn’t the gods prevent the social up heavel

The burning issue of the day was: If it is not the ancestral and nature spirits, what then
is the basis of a stable, unified and enduring social order? The dominant view of the day
was that strict law and statecraft were the bases of sound policy. C

fucius, however believed that the basis lay in the Zhou religion, in its rituals. He
interpreted these not as sacrifices asking for the blessings of the gods, but as
ceremonies performed by human agents and embodying the civilized and cultured patterns

f behavior developed through generations of human wisdom. They embodied , for him, the
ethical core of Chinese society. Moreover, Confucius applied the term “ritual” to actions
beyond the formal sacrifices and religious ceremonies to include social ri

als. He saw these time-honored and traditional rituals as the basis of human
civilization, and he felt that only a civilized society could have a stable, unified and
enduring social order.

There was another side of Confucianism. Confucius not only stressed social rituals but
also humanness (ren). Ren, sometimes translated to love or kindness, it is not any one
virtue, but its the source of all virtues. A ritual performed with ren has n

only form, but ethical content; it nurtures the inner character of the person, furthers
his or her maturation. If the “outer” side of Confucianism was conformity and acceptance
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