Corruption In Cry The Beloved Essay

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Corruption In Cry The Beloved

Corruption is one of the most prevailing themes in Cry The Beloved Country, as well as in
today's world. In this story the author pictures many different characters in order to
represent this wide spread illness of society, John Kumalo, Gertrude, Abasalom, just to
name a few. Johannesburg itself is the summary of all that is wrong with cities of today.
There is corruption and poverty. Crime runs rampant, and law-abiding citizens are forced
to survive as they can.

One of the most typical products of corruption in Cry The Beloved Country is John Kumalo.
He has a woman living with him that he hasn't married; he has no problems with hiring a
lawyer that will lie, effectively condemning his nephew to death. His one good trait is
that he uses his political power to help further the cause of the African natives, and
even this is tarnished by the fact that he only wants to further his own ambitions. He
doesn't have the heart necessary for a revolutionary leader and that will be his downfall.
If he was willing to go to prison and make sacrifices for what he believed in or wanted he
would have much more power than he has now.

Abasalom is a good example of corruption that doesn't come from the heart. Unlike John,
Abasalom does not want to be corrupt, and he is not proud of what he has done. When he
killed Arthur he was horrified, and when the police found him he didn't deny what he had
done, but confessed. Abasalom was corrupted by Johannesburg and by his "friends", and was
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