Corruption in the Church Essay

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Corruption in the Church

Chaucer lived in a time dictated by religion and religious ideas in which he uses The
Canterbury Tales to show some of his views. Religion played a significant role in
fourteenth-century England and also in Chaucer’s writing. His ideas of the Church are
first seen in “The Prologue,” and he uses seven religious persons to show the influence of
the religion in his writing. Although many of his characters appear to portray part of
the corruption in the Church, he does give a small example in which one can conclude that
he is speaking in praise.

The Friar, who lived off begging, appears to live a lowly existence, while Chaucer refers
to the papacy in writing, “he had a special license from the Pope” (Chaucer 9.) Chaucer
utilizes his opening statements of the Friar to present his character drawbacks, which can
provide for a greater representation of the Church. In his description, it is shown that
he will help the society “for a small fee” (Chaucer 10.) The Friar, being a religious
person, uses his power to benefit for his own greed. This is one example of the corrupted

It is clear that the Monk is found to be one of the most underhanded religious figures on
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