Could Have Been Different Essay

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Could Have Been Different

Could Have Been Different

I had a situation once when I wished that I could have re run it. If only I had thought
about what was happening and the power that I actually had, I would have had an entirely
different situation at hand. I could have prevented the whole thing a lot sooner.

The whole thing started when I was working at an auto shop called Car Quest. My friend
Tammy had just gotten me the job starting as a cashier. Even in the few days that I worked
there, I loved my job and everyone I worked with. . I really liked my boss because he was
always so cool to me, letting me do my homework with my free time when no customers were
around and letting me just mess around with the guys I worked with. Soon, I was beginning
to close the store alone with my boss, a lot. He would make weird comments and things but
I never really questioned them. I thought that maybe he was just kidding around as
everyone there always did.

One night when I was finished closing my drawer with my boss Lonnie, we were heading to
the front of the store when he told me he had something to say but it could wait until the
next time I worked with him. I insisted that he tell me then. He pulled me to the side and
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