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crazy lanie

Katie Lanie transferred to Seton Catholic high school during our junior year. Katie's
reason for leaving Carl Isle high school centered around one shadowy statement, "No one in
that school understood me." Katie said this to me almost every day and I produced only
mixed reactions to her claim. I thought it would take more than a few short years of high
school to completely understand a person. And frankly, not everyone cares about another's
problems, especially high school kids—most of them care about themselves and their
status only. Sadly, I admit I fell into this group and didn't get out until I found my
appreciation for Katie. Throughout the year I kept Katie's words in mind and they started
to make sense.

Seton Catholic was a small high school, so it wasn't too long before everyone knew "Crazy
Lanie". That's the nickname the boys at school gave her. Katie's physical appearance and
loud-mouth intimidated the young Catholic school boys, but her oblivious attitude caused
her to be unaware of this. Katie was very opinionated and spoke out in class on a daily
basis. These habits were annoying when you were trying to learn, but they came in handy in
our Economics class. There was one word that every Seton Catholic student used to describe
the Economics teacher—torture. Then Katie came and turned that class around. Her first
love is talking, then politics and current issues. So she talked up a storm in class,
eventually strayed away from the subject at hand, and turned our class into a current
issues debate team. A lot of us appreciated Katie's unintentional deeds and some didn't.
One guy in particular who didn't take pleasure in Katie's existence was Mike Reckliss.
Mike was an on the edge type of guy who only cared about his motorcycle and class—that's
where he got most of his shut-eye. Katie, Mike, and I had Business Law together every day
after lunch. By the time we got to class, Mike's stomach was full and he was ready for his
afternoon nap. But with Katie there, baby Mikey was a crabby pants. On one particular day,
we were discussing a person's rights to property. Our teacher explained that his
neighbor's tree branches were hanging over onto his property, so technically he was
entitled to cut down the branches that extended beyond the property line. Before our
teacher could finish his story about property, the light in Katie's head turned on.

"Hey! I have a story about property too!" she said frantically waving both hands in the
air, as if the teacher couldn't see her in our classroom of ten students.

"Oh boy, let's hear it, Crazy Lanie!" my teacher replied.
"Okay, so like…I was at a strip club this weekend, right? And this stripper…"
"Kaaat tieee!" I said clenching my teeth.
Ignoring my plea, Katie continued, "Hey Mike, wake up! I need you to stand up and pretend
you're a stripper." Surprisingly, Mike went along with her demonstration and stood up. "So
this stripper was all up in my face," waiting for Mike to transform into a stripper, "Mike
you're supposed to be all up in my face!" Mike took a cautious step forward. "And then the
stripper like totally copped a feel—Mike don't even think about it! But yeah, so I like
told him dude back off, these twins are my property!"

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