Creationsim vs Evolution Essay

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Creationsim vs Evolution

Creationism and Evolution
For a long time school administrators, teachers, parents and even students have
argued for and against the teaching of either creation and/or evolution. Evolution has
been taught in many public schools for generations because of the scientific methods and
support it has as a scientific theory of how we as humans came to be. Many religions
hold different views of how humanity as we know it was created and these people believe
that students should be able to hear their side as well. There is one main problem, the
separation of church and state and the limits that are set within this statement. Should
creation be taught as theory just like evolution? Do other creation myths need to be told
to support other religions? Where must we as parents and teachers and students draw the
In my opinion evolution should not be taught in junior high or high schools for
several reasons. First of all, there is obviously too much conflict to make it worth while.
When I was taught about evolution in ninth grade it was covered in a fifteen minute
period and dismissed. It wasn’t something that was central to understanding the rest of
the natural science that I was being taught and the teacher foresaw problems with
discussions surrounding the issues of creationism versus evolution. If evolution is taught
in a Christian majority classroom, the students are bound to want to discuss how they
have been brought up believing things differently. These students are in a difficult part
of their lives as it is; trying to establish their own personal identities, figuring out what
they want to do with their lives and trying to rebel against their parents. Why should
science teachers add to this with a theory that conflicts with most if not all religious
beliefs. They are telling students that whatever they have been taught to have faith in is
also just a theory and that the evolution theory has more scientific proof. This creates a
lot of stress for the students, their families and the clergy at their church. Why do we
need to this? Is it simply to introduce a theory about how Charles Darwin believed the
world was created?
Another problem is the fact that religion is not supposed to be discussed. This
has changed over the years to some extent, but not enough to support any beliefs in the
school buildings. If we teach creation alongside of evolution, we are getting away from
the scientific part of the discussion and basing the proof of our theories on faith.
Students and teachers are not allowed to pray in school, they are not allowed to hold
Bible studies in school and they are not allowed to promote certain religions to others
within the school. Why then should we start a discussion that will more than likely lead
to a religious discussion and then cut it off when it does?
If we teach creation alongside of evolution, what creation do we teach? Do we
cover Christianity and Native American stories and leave out others? Do we try to teach
a bit of all of the creation stories? No, we only bring up the Genesis accounts. This
leaves out many other religions and beliefs. If we attempt to cater to all the creation
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