Creative Writing: I Thought Youd Never Ask! Essay

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Creative Writing: I Thought Youd Never Ask!

Creative Writing: I Thought You'd Never Ask!

The first day back to school for the new year, Bob noticed a new girl in
the class. He stared at her for 15 minutes straight, and quickly fell deep in
love with her. The teacher introduced the new student as Jennifer. Now Bob knew
her name. He deceded to introduce himself to her the next day.

The next morning, as Bob was walking down the hall, he noticed Jennifer
struggling to open her locker. In the struggle she dropped all her books. Bob
took this oppertunity and hurried over to pick up her books for her.

"Hi", said Bob after he had finished picking up the books. "My name is
Bob," he said with a smile.

"Hi," Jennifer said shyly. "Thanks for helping me with my books."

"No Problem," Bob replied. "Well, I'm gonna be late for class, so, I'll
see you around!"

Bob walked down the hall towards his class. "Why didn't I say something
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